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Scenario Analysis

The Conjuncture Analysis is the service in which we define the best target markets for the internationalization of a product or service
specific. Here, we analyze the national and international commercial interactions of your product/service in recent years, identifying possible state initiatives that favor the development of this sector. To ensure more security for your investment, we also carry out Country-Risk analyses, based on data collected from specialized agencies.


In this way, we are able to select the most promising countries, offering detailed information about each one, enabling the internationalization of your business in a safe and assertive way.

In this service, we deliver:

  • Elencamos possíveis clientes, com informações pertinentes sobre seus perfis, nome da empresa, telefone, e-mail, site e descrição da empresa;

  • Elencamos fornecedores para a sua produção;

  • Construímos uma lista completa, com os contatos dos possíveis compradores para o seu produto.

  • Podemos auxiliar no processo de negociação, intermediando o contato com  os Leads.

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