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International Business Rounds - What are they and how to prepare?

By Paola Arruda

What are international business rounds?

If you are thinking or have thought about internationalizing your business, you must have wondered about the existence of opportunities to exchange knowledge and access to international buyers. Well, the so-called international business rounds are an important mechanism to assist in the search for buyers willing to negotiate the sale of products in other territories. That is, an international business round works as a facilitator channel for the meeting between suppliers, investors and distributors from different countries, in order to promote the sale and, consequently, the export of services and products. Through international business rounds, participants are not only able to negotiate to export to new markets, but also find networking opportunities to expand their operations in other countries.

Why yake part in international business rounds?

The business rounds are one of the main tools for the internationalization of goods and services. They provide direct contact with large companies and local networks, increasing the efficiency and speed in doing business with foreign companies, besides enabling the acquisition of know-how about new markets and foreign trade. Through the rounds, it is easier to create qualified contacts with foreign companies, considered as potential buyers for the goods and services that are intended to be commercialized, which provides the maximization of the exchange opportunities and the increase of the sales volume. Furthermore, the international rounds allow companies a greater integration with the global business marketing - either as suppliers or as buyers - and broaden the vision of entrepreneurs who, based on feedbacks from buyers about their products, have the opportunity to adjust their sales strategies for the target markets that interest them.

Where to find these events?

The main international business rounds are organized and supported by Brazilian foreign trade promotion agencies and programs, such as APEX, PEIEX, CAMEX, SEBRAE, and even by Embassies and industry federations and state foreign trade promotion agencies. The information about each round, with dates and schedules, is available on the websites of the respective programs and takes place every year.

How to prepare for the international business rounds?

The business rounds consist of quick moments of individual conversation between buyers and sellers of a certain product, with duration time that varies between 10 to 20 minutes. Therefore, having in mind the information about the company and the products to be sold, as well as the negotiation strategies that will be used, is essential to optimize the conversation time and maximize the opportunities to close a deal.

In addition, having support material to present the company and its services is essential. In other words, business cards, advertising materials, website, and power points translated into English or other languages of interest, as well as support utensils such as glasses, cups, plates, and cutlery, in case of a possible tasting, are crucial to establish a better contact, gain authority, and create affinity with potential buyers. The ideal is that, during the dialogue, each customer feels valued and inserted in your company's history, so that interests can be aligned and materialized.


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