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Market research

In the Market Study, we seek guidance regarding the standards of
consumption in target markets. We carry out in-depth research on the offers and demands of the markets we intend to explore, analyzing data relating to economic, political, social and cultural aspects. We also offer a detailed study of the competition, favoring the competitiveness of your product/service in these locations.


In this way, we were able to verify the degree of openness of these markets and whether there are other, more advantageous outlets to be explored. With this, the process of inserting your business in the international scenario will happen in a safer and easier way.

In this service, we deliver:

  • Analysis of commercial transactions;

  • Market analysis of target countries;

  • Study of prices and competition;

  • We also check the degree of openness of these markets through a competitive analysis and provide a list of buyers according to the target market.

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