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International Prospecting

This service is aimed at companies that already know which country to export to or where to import from, but still don't have contacts to sell their product/service, or supply raw material for their production, or even purchase goods and services.

In order to find potential buyers or sellers for your product/service, we study and list leads (possible customers)
international organizations that may be interested in this partnership, offering pertinent information about their profiles. In addition, we can also assist you in the process of negotiating and closing the transaction, mediating contact with these agents.

In this service, we deliver:

  • List potential customers, with relevant information about their profiles, company name, telephone, e-mail, website and company description;

  • We list suppliers for your production;

  • Complete list with contacts of possible buyers of your product.

  • We can also assist in the negotiation process, mediating the contact with  os Leads.

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