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Entrepreneur Craftsman Project 

With the aim of internationalizing their art, Sérgio and his wife Adriana, from Paraíba, hired us to export their pieces. Our service consisted of listing and completing the necessary documentation for exporting handicrafts to the United States. The project was a collaborative action between Líderi and Probex Comex UFPB.

Customer testimonial:

"For me, this export experience was new (...), there was no way I could do this documentation. I looked for this junior company (...) with Professor Márcia, indication of the secretary of the craft program. Professor Márcia referred me to the junior company, a team of students who are very competent in what they do. (...) When I needed them, they gave me support and attention (...). For me, it was a great pleasure to work together with the team (EJ) and with the university project (Probex COMEX UFPB). (...) I already had requests from other countries, but I had not sent because I did not have the information. I had no experience. (...) I found now. The customer bought (the craftsman's products) and I looked for the company that was nice to me (...) Thank God, the product has already arrived there. It was all in peace. For me it was a nice experience, very good. Only I have to congratulate. The team (EJ) and Professor Márcia. The students were excellent (...) I hope we do more business, in soon, God willing. I believe that at the end of next month the same person who bought me is now coming to Brazil again and wants to place a new order. We're definitely going to do it. (...) Thank you very much! Thank you very much! I just have to thank the company (EJ)."

Sergio Teófilo

"Before the collaboration, we had some difficulties, and a certain fear of not being able to complete the sale, but we went to ask for help from the manager of the handicraft program Marielza Rodríguez, that's when she gave us the contact of the teacher Márcia Paixão and introduced us to the leaderi Júnior , where we held meetings, cleared up doubts and the project began to take its first steps, discoveries and with the certainty that it would work, as it happened, we had problems with the documentation in São Paulo, but with the support of the leader's team , Professor Márcia and Romeica, the postal worker who also played a very important role in the guidelines and thank God the goods reached their destination. And most importantly, we are going to contract a new service with Líderi. I believe that we will be great partners in several exports."

Testimony from Professor Márcia Paixão:

"Since 2017, Probex COMEX UFPB has been working to generate opportunities, in addition to training, for the graduates of its executive team and the target audience, including junior entrepreneurs. In my opinion, Paraíba can and should count on the EJs foreign trade, and other areas, to obtain services that provide both solutions for private and public companies and, mainly, an even more accelerated qualification space. delivery of the Probex COMEX UFPB, including the follow-up of professionals from the Post Office, an institution that collaborates with the Project. differentiated. All declare to be very satisfied with the experience of the society-university relationship and the actual exportation said."

Testimonials from Our Consultants:

Rayra Leal.png

Rayra Leal

Project Manager

     Participating in the artisan export project was a watershed, as I had not acted as coordinator of any project before , just as a consultant, and now, in addition to helping with execution, I was coordinating my teammates, so it was a real challenge. ÇWe managed to ensure that the export of wooden handicrafts arrived in the United States with all the necessary documentation. Throughout the process, we had several adversities and lessons learned. 

Moreover, the craftsman's project will always be remembered with great affection in my personal and professional life, because with him I was able to develop a lot in both aspects, and it will certainly be a memorable experience that brought and will bring good results for Líderi as a a whole, helping us to reach ever more distant seas.

Davi Vilar (1).png

Davi Vilar 

Project consultant

      The Entrepreneurial Craftsman project is a milestone for the company as a successful case. The project was a great way to support small local entrepreneurs who are interested in exporting products, it was also a challenging project due to its deadlines. Also, we had great leadership from Rayra.

Adriana Nísia

Image by YesMore Content

Freya Project

      With the dream of exporting the craft beer produced by Cibral, of which he is a founding partner, Valdemir from Pernambuco hired to get to know the international market and prepare for the export of its product. The service combo we prepared for him began with an analysis of the situation and market research, in order to list the most promising countries for export. 

Services Used:


Scenario Analysis

Market research

bureaucratic planning

What the Customer Says:

Fantastic job. Research well done and very detailed. Young people very engaged and driven by challenges.

Testimonials from Our Consultants:

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-21 at 18.57_edited.jpg

Guilherme Gomes

Former Project Consultant

   Participating in Freya's project was very enriching for me. With its execution I was able to expand my knowledge about foreign trade and put into practice the cooperation with other colleagues to deliver the best project for the client.

Lorena Vinesof.png

Lorraine Vinesof

Project Consultant

      The Freya project has enabled me to grow and develop as an individual, student and junior entrepreneur. This was an enriching experience, with many high points, but also many difficulties, which were overcome through a lot of dialogue and dedication from the team,  which only yielded positive results for us, and to our customer.

Design sem nome (2).png

Rendeiras Project

This project was very important for us at Líderi, not only because we had a unique training and learning opportunity, being able to work together with other junior companies, senior companies and municipal managers, but mainly because of the social impact of the project. We were very happy to be able to advise the lace makers of Mãos do Cariri to realize their dream of internationalizing their business, and we are certain that this project will bring many good results to the artisans from Paraíba.

Service Used:

Market research

bureaucratic planning

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